The sky is blank without blue


Like US with out U

it's just ssssssss sad...


We need need the colors to fill in the lines of the dull lives

your eyes

those thighs

and what's between em'

It's more than that

More than meet the eye, the sky is.

You Are.

We are.


My heart goes faint when I think of time I didn't know you

Like I didn't know the color blue; of the sky looked so




My days are filled with catching rays in the summers blaze, while we are smoking on that haze, laying in the grass watching our future pass before our eyes

while I look up in the sky.

A single tear falls from her eye

I look at her and wonder did I die?

Or am I just laying with an angel under the LA sky?



I forget what beaches are like, climbing onto your rooftop.

Laying across the peak of the house, I look up at the sky


The moon becomes a reflection as I relax my eyes

The Valley’s landscape now surrounds a pool of sparkles and flares with it’s trees in

This part of town where I’ve spent my entire life.


This is my dream: feeling weightless, watching explosions

Compete for a place in your memory from every angle.

Each trigger a whisper, a whistle

Detonating heartbeats into mine.



I peer behind the
hard radiance of my twin,
Darkness before me.


Dreams smear my canvas
thrills set fire suddenly gone,
As you, stand staring


It is interesting,
the ease and comfort that hugs
our inner child when we surrender
each day dream distraction into the
wide areas
of a star splattered sky.

We shamefully indulge
in the effortlessness of
throwing off our baggage with
a single look
to the night sky,
whispering to the moon

“Let’s never look back”.



Exploding aliens snatching

Skies to eyes

Dripping black, down blues

Speckled reds

And we're all together

But I'm not. 


I climb the icy globe

I reach the minted crag

I sit on starburst sheets

and think of what I had. 


I found out about you today

feels worse not feeling

looking up never felt so cold. 


Steven Jones