undefined pathways


intertwining intercourse


    separate these shadows of


your silhouette’s waltz


with every indirect indication


I made, in





Silently holding space

void of any

presence more profound

than your sworn personality

sketched sketched by the

hand of a blind reality.



Secrecy comforts the kaleidoscope


of shades painting the outline


of each rock skipping


decision; never settled,




always unsatisfied by the

sinful pleasure of unknowing

which way is north.





35     SOLO

I kinda knew

flew from the friend flu

did I cross the line

or are you lyin? 



Chestnut guts

Fuck I'm fucked

By just the way you smile. 


The way you lift me up and up

I wish you'd stay awhile. 


Bones in your face  

Waves in your eyes

Pink canoe lips

I could drown in for miles


Stay for awhile

One minute slower.

Stay every day

Over and over. 



I like to think you feel the same. 

I like to think.

You feel the same. .




Steven Jones