Pregnant phone calls

Pricking me priceless

Sickly in shyness


The fault in this

lies not in you

but in my bed

thats meant for two..

I have not found

the one I need

not good for you.

not good for me. 


Lacquered  lips

keeping me





I planned a whole night in the woods. 

i brought all of my favorite things.

But I didn't get lost

not even once. 

how disappointed  

I must seem. 

I wanted a night in the forest

I haven't been in a time

Instead I trailed the suburbs


and out

of line. 

If you were trailing with me

I know it would be fine. 

but you're not

we're not.

I'm not just a thought

A second thought sublime. 


one word stuck.

as I looked back

the door was closing.

all I had to say was

your name. 






Steven Jones