You're coming back

and I'm afraid

of purséd lips

a frozen stain


You're coming back

and I can't tell

if all your glints

are mine to quell


you're coming back

way too soon.

I'm locking up

just thinking of you. 


You're coming back

I'll cover up

all my joys

that you've dug up. 


The fault in this

lies not in you

but in my bed

meant for two.


I have not found

the one I need

not good for you

not good for me. 


Loving you

in every frame

Is something that

i can't refrain

reminding me

of every day

this wasn't real

in any way. 



I dipped

I ducked

I dove and I flew

then I dove out

woke up and find myself in a place that's not my own house

everyone's asking me what's going on in my brain

I tell them that I'm drained

Feeling a little deranged

Detained and just plain old damned.

Tell me ma'am did you know me before I was one of the homies?

did you know me before I was a phony?

did you know me before all?

or did you see what you wanted to see when you said you wanted to be with me?

Why are you looking for lies in my eyes?

I never asked you to bite back.


Steven Jones