You take my hand and I shyly

wrap just my pinky

Around your hand

Trying not to overcommit


I know the way I look at you is noticeable

And I try not to let it bother our friendship

The way my face turns red makes you smile.



We’re walking past our entire

First grade class

You want to tell me something

I wonder what it is; trying to stay cool.


you don’t have to answer

Your grip kind of tightens

You’re still gentle

I learn not to say anything

It’s not that I don’t trust you

I want you to like me.


A color never looked so good on anyone

My eyes red, steaming

I have patches of blue and darker red

On my arms

On my legs

My face is still red from the moment you held my hand

This time you smiled.

I never blushed again.


I’m holding my own hands

Over my pitted stomach


Walking back to our first grade class

You told everyone you came for help,

I took a deep fall and you’re so worried

You kissed my cheek and wiped my tears.


My face turned red as I looked at you

And everyone giggled.


- M.M


bloody cheeks



a secret feeling

i only want to tell



lush, rushed hushes

the opposite of noon.


jet light icing

our skin into mountains

silky milky alps  

nippled over.


I'm into you.



Imperfect enamel

Split by lips

Tectonic tonic

Writing our story

Couple of drunk fucks

Stuck in a rut.


Flut and shake

All our mistakes away

It's ok.

I'm a mess too


I pinch the butt into an hourglass

Time spent with you

The witching hour suits us well.

I roll in the night as the current hugs my left side at 60mph

Kaleidoscoping coldly

And debris is in my eye, but so are you

My nurse of love

Just because you don't know how to use me doesn't make me useless.

A foreigner of humanity

On the frontier of something better.

 - S.J.

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